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Wine Tasting September 27, 2015

The weather is finally cooling down, giving us a glimpse of autumn. Now we can turn our attention to fuller flavors, in anticipation of even cooler days ahead.

The next aux nuages wine tasting event is scheduled for the afternoon of September 27. The emphasis will be on red wines and some fortified wine selections, in keeping with the change in seasons.

Spaces are limited, so please be sure to reserve early by filling out the form below. As usual, we will offer discounted prices on the wines tasted on the day.

Wine Tasting September 27, 2015

Date:Sunday September 27 15:00〜18:00 Venue : Nishi-Azabu Breigehouse

4 Chome Nishi-Azabu Minato-ku Hiroo Starion Charge:¥4,000




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