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Wine Tasting November 1, 2015

From time to time we like to focus on some of our higher end wines. These are typically made in extremely limited quantities to a very high artisanal standard.
Just for fun, we like to call these our「chotto zeitaku」wine tasting events.
The aux nuages Fall 「chotto zeitaku」Wine Tasting is scheduled for the afternoon of November 1. We will open about 10 wines concentrating on rarer selections. The tasting will include still wines, a few Port wines, and some selections that are not generally available on our website. A great chance to try some rare and special cuvées.
Spaces are limited, so please be sure to reserve early. We look forward to seeing you there.

Wine Tasting List November 1, 2015

aux nuages - Fall 「chotto zeitaku」Wine Tasting

When: Nov 1 2015 (Sunday) 3 - 6 pm

Where: Nishi-azabu Bridgehouse (near Hiroo station)

Price: ¥5,000




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