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New Arrival Wine Tasting

The last aux nuages wine tasting of the year is scheduled for the afternoon of Wednesday Dec 23. At this event we will open some new arrivals from organic producers in Ribera del Duero in Spain and Corbieres in southern France.

Organic and natural wines will be a major focus of the event and it will an excellent platform to explore these concepts of winemaking, which are very topical in today's wine world. The wines at the tasting are made artisanally in very small quantities and we believe they present very interesting examples of typicity from these regions.

We are now importing high quality extra virgin olive oil which will be available for purchase at this event. This olive oil is produced organically by our Port wine maker in very limited quantities. It is in a lighter style with low acidity, smooth taste and good body on the palate, and complex aromatic character. This olive oil represents a high quality artisanal product, cultivated on a very small scale, with provenance directly from the source.

New Arrival Wine Tasting

Date:December 23, 2015 15:00~18:00 Venue:Bridgehouse in Nishi-Azabu

Nishi-Azabu 4-chome, Minato-ku Hiroo Station ¥4,000




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