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Natural Wine - Equilibre 2014

Equilibre 2014 - IGP Pays d’Oc

This vin nature is an unusual expression of Cabernet Sauvignon offering the pure experience of the fruit without oak or other influences. A nose dominated by violets and berries gives way to a palate of black fruits and spices. The finish is balanced and elegant with an appealing sense of freshness. A very pleasant wine that can be enjoyed on is own, with grilled meats, or charcuterie. Completely unsulphured, this is a well made natural wine and a great introduction to these styles.

Technical information:

Country/Region: France / Corbières Color: Red Grape varieties: 100% Cabernet Sauvignon Alcohol by volume: 13.5% Aging: best within 2 years

For purchase please click here Equilibre 2014 ¥2,800 + Tax

Famille Fabre

About the producer:

Famille Fabre is a medium sized producer in the Corbières region of Languedoc-Rousillon and is working with aux nuages to introduce some of their finest artisanal and experimental wines to the Japanese market.

The family is attested as cultivating vines in the Corbières region as far back as 1605. In 1711 the family settled in Gasparets in what is now the prestigious Corbières-Boutenac appellation, where they have now been making wine for over 300 years. Beginning with the Château Fabre-Gasparets property, through a series of marriages in the 19th and 20th centuries, the family added properties in neighboring towns to the domain: Château Coulon-Veredus, Château de Luc, and Grande Courtade. A more recent addition is the smaller property Château St Michel near Coulon-Veredus.

Louis Fabre, the current vigneron, took over the family business in 1982 and represents the 14th generation. He has led the drive to produce high quality signature wines representing the best that Languedoc offers. Recognising that some of the properties have never been treated with pesticides, he has also led the conversion to complete organic production across all properties.

About the region:

Languedoc/Roussillon can be viewed as one of the most improved wine regions in the world. A very large grape growing region, it was known for bulk wines of uninspiring character for most of the post-war period. A great renaissance in viticulture and wine making began about 25 years ago, led by a handful of producers that recognised the potential of the terroir and the changing habits of wine consumers. By reducing yields in selected terroirs and investing in better technology and constant experimentation, the winemakers of Languedoc-Roussillon have put themselves on the map as the equal of any region of France.

Corbières is the largest appellation within Languedoc-Roussillon. As in other parts of Languedoc-Roussillon, a small handful of terroirs have been granted a special classified cru status, indicating that they stand out for potentially high quality wines. Chief among these is Corbières-Boutenac, the location of the Fabre-Gasparets property. However, the appellation system has not kept up with the pace of innovation, and it is common for winemakers to make whatever wine they want and label their wines “Pays d’Oc” rather than trying to conform to the restrictions of the AOP Corbières label.

Corbières can be wild and hilly country, with hot dry summers and piercing winds. The native vegetation, known as “garrigue”, features Mediterranean trees and various naturally growing spices (thyme, rosemary, lavender, and sage). The wines from this region tend to reflect this environment, with distinctive hints of wildness and spiciness. Many of the towns have an ancient and colourful history, dating back to Roman times.■

By David Tropp

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