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Wine Tasting March 19, 2016

The next aux nuages wine tasting is targeted to Port wine lovers, and specifically highlights the Tawny style of Port.
Many people enjoy Port wine but limit their focus to Vintage Port. However Vintage Port represents only about 2% of Port production and other styles are equally interesting and complex. Vintage Port also can be quite expensive and needs to be aged in the bottle for many years before it is in peak condition.
Tawny Ports are often a more practical choice for most consumers. Tawnies are aged by the shipper in barrels, and are blended and bottled when they are ready to drink. This style of Port is much more convenient for the consumer, since it need not be aged further once bottled.
Since Tawnies are gradually exposed to oxygen during their years in barrel, the wine keeps for a very long time after the bottle has been opened. Typically the wine will remain good condition for 2-3 months without any special care in storage. It is the ideal drink for those who want to enjoy the flavor and aromatic complexity of their Port a little at a time, and not have to worry about storage conditions.
At this tasting we will try some Portuguese still wines and introduce key grape varieties used in Port wine production. Following this we will taste different styles of Port, and then enjoy a vertical tasting of Tawny Ports going back 40 years.
Note: As 40 year old Tawny Port is quite a rare and expensive item, we will be opening only one bottle. Therefore attendance is strictly limited to 12 participants.

aux nuages – 'Lighter Side of Port' Wine Tasting

When: March 19, 2016 (Saturday) 3 – 6 pm

Where: Nishi-azabu Bridgehouse (near Hiroo station)

Price: ¥5,000




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