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Famille Fabre Wine Tasting and Reception

The next aux nuages wine tasting will be a light, casual event. We will introduce a special guest, Clémence Fabre of Famille Fabre, who is visiting from Corbières in southern France.
Famille Fabre has been making wine at Chateau Fabre Gasparets in Corbières for over 300 years. Louis Fabre, Clémence’s father, has run the family business since 1982. He represents the 14th generation and has led the drive to high quality, organic viticulture.
Languedoc is one of the most improved wine regions in the world and an exciting center of innovation. A handful of Languedoc terroirs have been granted a special classified cru status, indicating that they stand out for potentially high quality wines. Chief among these is Corbières-Boutenac, the Fabre-Gasparets location.
Famille Fabre is working with aux nuages to introduce their finest artisanal wines to the Japanese market, including their first unsulphured wines. We are very excited to have them in our portfolio!
The wines are a bit wild, like the Corbières terrain, but we love them. We think you will enjoy them too. We will offer free pour of the five Famille Fabre wines that we import, and may pull out one or two surprises.

Famille Fabre Wine Tasting and Reception

When: April 16 2016 (Saturday) 3 – 6 pm

Where: Nishi-azabu Bridgehouse (near Hiroo station)

Price: ¥3,000

Wine List

Galicia white wines (2):

- Adega Sameiras Viña do Avo 2013 - DO Ribeiro (white)

- Beira Aral Aravo 2013 - DO Rias Baixas (white)

Famille Fabre (Corbières) wines (5): - Equilibre 2014 - AOC Corbières Natural Wine - Chateau St. Michel Le Grand 2014 - Fabre-Gasparets Chimere Viognier 2014 - Fabre-Gasparets Chimere La Serre 2012 - Lux de Luc 2014 - IGP Pays D'Oc Natural Wine




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