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Languedoc Roussillon wine maker tasting and BBQ party

We are teaming up with boutique wine importer aux nuages who are hosting Clemence Fabre on a visit to Japan. Clemence represents the 15th generation at family wine maker Famille Fabre, who have been making wine in Languedoc since 1605. We are taking this opportunity to propose a tasting of some of the finest wines from the exciting Languedoc Roussillon region in the south of France. We'll be serving them accompanied by some hearty viands from the BBQ.

ラングドック/ルシオン ワインテイスティング Date:October 15, 2016 Venue:Nishiazabe Parabola Wine Bar Art Silo Building 7F 4-2-5 Nishi Azabu, Tokyo 106-0031 Charge:5,000 yen / person




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