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We are pleased to announce our 2018 Summer Sale. Over 30 of our selections will be available at discounts of up to 30% off.

Sale dates are July 15 - August 15. Please see this link for the list of sale items.

For those who would like to "try before you buy", we will make approximately 20-25 items available for tasting on Saturday July 28 from 3 - 6 pm. For those who wish to join the tasting, there will be a charge of ¥2,000. This tasting fee will be credited against purchases amounting to ¥16,000 or more (excluding tax).

For those who cannot make the scheduled times, please contact us and we may be able to arrange a private appointment.

Should you wish to purchase sale items, we will send an invoice reflecting your order and ship them upon settlement of the invoice by bank transfer. Please be aware that we will not be able to service cash and carry orders for this event.


セール期間 - 7月15日〜8月15日

ワインセレクションはこちら→ サマーセール2018 ワインセレクション

セールワイン試飲会はこちら→ セールワイン試飲会申し込み

購入前に試飲をご希望の方は -予約を入れていただければ 7月28日(土)の午後3時から6時まで、20-25種類以上のワインをお試しいただけます。 試飲会費として2,000円承りますが、16,000円以上(消費税抜き)の購入頂いた方には試飲費用をお返しいたします。 試飲会開催日以外で試飲をご希望の方は、ご相談ください。





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