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スペイン - ガリシアワイン試飲会









日時: 2018年4月22日(日)15:00 – 18:00

場所: 西麻布ブリッジハウス (最寄駅、日比谷線広尾駅)

参加費: ¥4,000

定員: 20




- A Portela - Beade Primacia 2013 (Spain / Ribeiro)

- A lovely introduction to Galician wine styles, made principally from the elegant Treixadura grape.

From Ribeiro, the second oldest appellation in Spain.

- Beira Aral - Aravo 2013 (Spain / Rias Baixas)

- A tiny artisanal production of high quality Albariño from an inland subregion of Rias Baixas right on the Portuguese border.

- Antonio Cajide - Sameiras Blanco 2013 (Spain / Ribeiro)

- Five of Galicia's noble white grape varieties blended into this elegant wine. Produced with biodynamic methods.

- Antonio Cajide - '1040' 2013 (Spain / Ribeiro)

- Barrel fermented homage to Galicia's four finest white grape varieties blended in equal parts. Only 2,660 bottles made.

- Bodegas Albamar - Albamar 2013 (Spain / Rias Baixas)

- Fine mineral Albariño blended from more than 50 tiny parcels right on the Atlantic Ocean. Ideal match for shellfish.

- Bodegas Albamar - Alma de Mar 2014 (Spain / Rias Baixas)

- Intense Albariño micro-cuvée from a single parcel just steps from the Atlantic Ocean. Only 1500 bottles made.

- Bodegas Albamar - Pepe Luis 2014 (Spain / Rias Baixas)

- Barrel fermented Albariño micro-cuvée from a single parcel just steps from the Atlantic Ocean. Only 1500 bottles made.


- Antonio Cajide - Sameiras Tinto 2012 (Spain / Ribeiro)

- Galicia's native red grape varieties blended in this soft red wine with smoky notes. Produced with biodynamic methods.

- Bodegas Albamar - 'Fusco' 2013 (Spain / Ribeira Sacra)

- Soft and delicate 100% Mencía varietal from one of the most dramatic vineyard landscapes in the world!

- Quinta das Carvalhas - Touriga Nacional 2014 (Portugal / Douro)

- 100% Touriga Nacional from an iconic Douro vineyard - freshness and floral elements. Wine Spectator Top 100 for 2017.

- Quinta das Carvalhas - Tinto Reserva 2014 (Portugal / Douro)

- Blend of three native Douro grapes from this iconic Douro vineyard - fruit, balance, and power.

- Quinta do Pôpa - Pôpa 'TR' Tinta Roriz 2012 (Portugal / Douro)

- an unusual high quality Tinta Roriz single-variety wine, made with the original foot treading method in traditional lagares

- Quinta do Pôpa - Pôpa 'VV' Vinhas Velhas 2013 (Portugal / Douro)

- a soft and complex blend of 20+ varieties from old vines of over 80 years of age - a must try!

- Quinta das Carvalhas - Tinta Francisca da Quinta das Carvalhas 2013 (Portugal / Douro)

- A very rare single variety Tinta Francisca from a parcel of very old vines at this iconic Douro vineyard - fruit and

forest elements combine with perfect balance and beautiful complexity.Only 3000 bottles made.

お楽しみに !!

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