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Our next wine tasting focuses principally on the Douro region of northern Portugal.

Long famed for Port wines, the Douro river valley has become very fashionable for elegant table wines based on the 100+ grape varieties native to this stunningly beautiful region.

Four Quintas (estates) will feature prominently at this tasting. Quinta das Carvalhas, one of the great iconic Douro vineyards, with a demarcated history going back to the 18th century. Quinta do Pôpa, a trendier, more youthful label producing very refined wines from an excellent siting overlooking the Douro river. Quinta do Romeu, a rustic producer of wine, olive oil, and cork, currently undergoing biodynamic certification. And finally, a flight of elegant Port wines from Quevedo Port Wines, a leading representative of the new generation of independent Port producers.

We will try a broad spectrum of these wines, 13-14 high quality wines in total, including both organic and conventional labels. In keeping with the Japanese 'Respect for the Aged' holiday on that day, we will be sure to pull out some well aged Ports!

We are very proud to being these selections to the Japanese market, and believe you will share our enthusiasm.

Signup is now open, wine list to appear shortly on our web site.

aux nuages – 'Portugal / Douro' wine tasting

Date: September 17, 2018 (Monday) 3 – 6 pm

Venue: Nishi-azabu Bridgehouse (near Hiroo station)

Price: ¥4,000

Places: 20

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ポートワインで著名なドウロ川ですが、この美しい地域で生産されている100種以上のブドウ品種で作られたエレガントなテーブルワインは、近年とてもファッショナブルなアイテムとなっています。 このテイスティングでは、4つの素晴らしいQuintas(エステート)をご紹介します。 Quinta das Carvalhasは、Douro地方の代表的なぶどう園の一つで、18世紀に遡る歴史があります。ドウロ川を見下ろす立地で、非常に洗練されたワインを生産しています。トレンディで若々しいラベルQuinta do Pôpa。ワイン、オリーブオイル、コルクの田舎の生産者で、現在バイオダイナミックの認証を受けているQuinta do Romeu。最後に、新世代のポートプロデューサーを代表するQuevedo Port Winesからセレクトしたポートワインの試飲を予定しています。

幅広いワインを試してみる絶好の機会です。オーガニックラベルと従来のラベルの両方を含む、合計13-14の高品質ワインをお試しいただけます。「敬老の日」の休暇に合わせて、年代物のポートワインをご用意します! お申し込みはウェブサイトにて


日時: 2018年9月17日(月) 3 – 6 pm

場所: 西麻布ブリッジハウス (最寄駅日比谷線広尾駅)

参加費: ¥4,000

定員: 20


Wine List

17 wines in total, perhaps we overdid it . . .

All wines are from the Douro region except for two lighter Galician wines offered as a sort of 'amuse bouche'.

Sparkling Real Companhia Velha - RCV Espumante Bruto 2013 - traditional method sparkler from Pinot Noir and Chardonnay, very unusual in Douro

Whites Antonio Cajide - Viña do Avó Blanco 2013 (Spain / Ribeiro) Quinta do Pôpa - Pôpa DOC Douro Branco 2016 Quinta do Romeu - Romeu Branco Reserva 2014 (organic) Real Companhia Velha - Vinho Branco da Quinta das Carvalhas 2015

Reds Antonio Cajide - Viña do Avó Tinto 2013 (Spain / Ribeiro) Quinta do Pôpa - Pôpa DOC Douro Tinto 2014 Real Companhia Velha - Quinta das Carvalhas Touriga Nacional 2014 - recognized by Wine Spectator in its top 100 wines for 2016 Quinta do Romeu - Romeu Tinto Reserva 2012 (organic) Quinta do Pôpa - Pôpa Black Edition Tinto 2014

Premium Reds Quinta do Pôpa - Pôpa 'TR' Tinta Roriz 2012 - very fine old vines Tinta Roriz from an excellent siting overlooking the Douro River 1912 Winemakers - Encosta do Bocho Reserva 2009 - a fine limited edition blend of four Douro wine grapes, only 2,600 bottles produced Real Companhia Velha - Tinta Francisca da Quinta das Carvalhas 2013 - a unique single varietal from old vines of this rare Douro wine grape

Port Wines Quevedo Port Wines - Reserve Ruby Port NV Quevedo Port Wines - LBV (Late Bottled Vintage) Port 2011 - both this LBV and the Reserve are exceptionally good quality in their range.

- LBV received 93 points from Robert Parker/Wine Advocate. Quevedo Port Wines - 10 Year Tawny Port NV Quevedo Port Wines - 1996 Colheita Port - a bonus selection for the Respect for the Aged holiday - a marvelous Tawny Port, 22 years old and going strong.



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