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French organic wine tasting フランス産オーガニックワイン試飲会


To welcome you back from holidays, aux nuages is presenting a flight of organic wines from southern France, including several new arrivals in the Japanese market. We will pour rich and elegant organic red wines from Domaine Singla in the Roussillon region of southern France near the border with Spain. They will be offered alongside an eclectic selection of organic and natural wines from Famille Fabre in Corbieres. Both of these houses are very old (Singla dating to 1760 and Fabre to 1605), but have adopted a very modern profile in their winemaking, embracing organic and biodynamic viticulture. The French organic selections are principally full bodied red wines, and are ideal for the winter season. They will be accompanied by a selection of fresh and clean tasting white and sparkling wines from northern Portugal. We finish up the event with Domaine Singla's aged vin doux naturel (VDN), a lightly fortified wine that will impress you with its balance and delicacy. We have brought in a stellar selection of these 'Rivesaltes Ambré' wines, including some very old vintages that are available upon request. We are quite pleased to introduce these VDN wines to the Japan market - a real treat that can last forever. You can expect to try 12-14 wines at this event, principally French organic selections, with Portuguese wines playing a supporting role. The roster will represent a balance between sparkling, white, red, and fortified styles. Subject to availability, the wines will be available for purchase on the spot, or can be shipped anywhere in Japan. Please note that this event is limited to 15 participants. Signup is now open, wine list will be available shortly.

aux nuages – French organic wine tasting Date: January 19, 2019 (Saturday) 3 – 6 pm Venue: Nishi-azabu Bridgehouse (near Hiroo station) Price: ¥4,000 Places: 15 Sign up


スペインとフランスの国境近く、南フランス・ルシヨン地域でDomaine Singlaからの豊かで優雅なオーガニック赤ワインを味わっていただきます。コルビエールのFamille Fabreの厳選されたオーガニックワインとナチュラルワインも同時にご紹介いたします。これらのワイナリーはどちらも非常に古く(Singla創業1760年、Fabre創業1605年)しかしながら、ワイン造りでは非常に現代的なプロファイルを採用し、オーガニックおよびバイオダイナミックでのブドウ栽培を取り入れています。


Domaine SinglaVDN(Vine Doux Naturel)という、バランスの取れた繊細さで魅惑的なフォーティファイワインを最後に味わっていただきます。これらの'Rivesaltes Ambré' ワインの素晴らしいセレクションも今回新入荷指定おります。リクエストに応じてご非常に古いヴィンテージもご提供しております。



日時: 2019年1月19日(日) 3 – 6 pm

場所: 西麻布ブリッジハウス (最寄駅日比谷線広尾駅)

参加費: ¥4,000

定員: 15


Wine List The two Rivesaltes Ambré vins doux naturels at the end are a particular treat. Lightly fortified, they show a great balance between sweetness and acidity, with great complexity. The 1980 Vintage Rivesaltes Ambré provides an opportunity to taste such a wine at the age of nearly 40 years.

Rosé Château Fabre-Gasparets / 'Rosine' 2015 (France - Corbières organic) - Yes, rosé in the winter! An all-season Cinsault-driven rosé, finished in barrel for depth and complexity.

White Domaine Singla / 'La Coste' 2016 (France - Roussillon organic) - Although principally a red wine producer, Singla also makes this nice blend of Macabeu and Roussanne Quinta do Pôpa / Pôpa DOC Douro Branco 2016 (Portugal - Douro) - 75% indigenous Viosinho and Gouveio grapes, blended together with 25% of an old vines field blend Quinta do Romeu / Douro Branco Reserva 2014 (Portugal - Douro organic) - Old vines field blend from a wild and remote corner of the Douro demarcated region Marcio Lopes / 'Permitido' DOC Douro Branco 2017 (Portugal - Douro) - 100% Rabigato grapes from a high altitude site yielding an elegant, crisp, and refreshing Douro white Chateau Fabre-Gasparets / Viognier 'Chimère' 2014 (France - Corbières organic) - A rich and opulent barrel-fermented Viognier originating from Condrieu vine clippings

Red Famille Fabre / 'L'Equilibre' 2014 (France - Corbières vin nature - no sulphur added) - 100% Cabernet Sauvignon natural wine yields a pure and fresh Cabernet fruit flavor Château Fabre-Gasparets / 'Lux de Luc' 2014 (France - Corbières vin nature - no sulphur added) - Grenache-based experimental cuvée showing great fruit character and freshness Château Fabre-Gasparets / 'Chimère' lieu dit la Serre 2012 (France - Corbières organic) - Blend of Carignan, Syrah, Grenache, and Mourvèdre from a top quality site ('lieu dit') in the Corbières region Domaine Singla / 'El Moli' 2016 (France - Roussillon organic) - Easy drinking Syrah/Grenache blend from a terroir based on white clay and limestone soils Domaine Singla / 'Castell Vell' 2015 (France - Roussillon organic) - Low yielding Syrah based selection, showing black fruits, chocolate, and peppery spices Domaine Singla / 'La Crinyane' 2013 (France - Roussillon organic) - Low yielding old vines Carignan, dark, peppery, but with elegant restrained tannins Domaine Singla / 'El Serrat' 2014 (France - Roussillon organic) - Medium- to full-bodied low yielding Mourvèdre, plummy, with a hint of licorice and sweet tannins Domaine Singla / 'Les Quatre Vents' 2013 (France - Roussillon organic) - Luscious old vines Carignan - peppery, earthy, and with significant aging potential

Fortified Domaine Singla / 'Héritage du Temps' 12 Ans Hors d'Age (France - AOP Rivesaltes Ambré) Domaine Singla / 'Héritage du Temps' Millésime 1980 (France - AOP Rivesaltes Ambré)

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